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This is something that I have had to learn the hard way. My mother was on my shoulder throughout the week, reminding me to make this list and remember that. I shared my excitement about taking my first camping trip ever with my kids and grandkids.  keepvid Then she came in exhaling and puffing up with directions and tips for every situation. I am not averse to my mom speaking. Not listening to her lecture is uncomfortable for me. And that was a big mistake, as I've figured out the following day... or two..We left with our car to drive it all up to the camping site. I was determined to recreate the rustic experience that my father had was, so I picked a remote place, which turned out to be located in a huge zone that was not accessible to service. Our phones were not in range, so we were the only ones there, and no other campers. We're not complaining, I was expecting to have a great getaway from working.. We spent three days out in the natural surroundings, in the midst of the natural world.. In less than just 24 hours, we were driving back home.What next? What's happened? I had a laptop and some games online. The bag was not even able to take my hands. I had a beautiful backdrop for the trees to watch small projectors I brought along for great big-screen effect movies - no Internet for accessing Hulu or Netflix. Netflix, no Disney+.. What an absolute mess.. My kids were just too much. Their sole purpose was to look up their messages, check their emails and keep track of their school stuff, etc. It was too for me to handle and I packed everything up to go. My kids made sounds similar to little piglets munching delicious food as they emerged from the internet-free zone. Really, my children are amazing. It was embarrassing. They groaned and squealed as their phones began to sound a beep, signalling new text messages.Since then, I've been able to prepare myself and to not get trapped in an area without any roaming. However, this time when we were on a lengthy cruise to our destination where I had to have my best friends from the past with me - two tablets and a laptops stuffed with Hulu offline videos on one tablet, Netflix movies and TV shows on the other and the laptop is loaded with music videos, music and some large movies that I've downloaded for later viewing with both Hulu and Netflix apps that are available through the Windows app store. I have more than 600 hours of material to watch and full episodes from South Park, Friends, Will & Grace and Friends seasons.I have lots of videos with funny stuff for kids. I downloaded some Youtube music videos and converted some to mp3 format. I used this web application to download some videos. It lets me save the video on my laptop so that I can then view the video offline, provided that I have power. I DVR many TV Shows, movies, and seminars online. The video files are saved in format MP4 on my computer. I then simply open them later using VLC or KMP.4k is also something I insist upon. Have you ever watched? It's amazing! I would highly recommend. New TVs that allow 4k picture have great software inside them that processes that picture and improves it, upscales it and makes it more appealing. Old video looks so much better on the TV. Even though it's not great, it is transformed into a sleek, modern video stream. All girls and boys will love it!

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